EDD (Explore, Discover, Discuss)

Free sessions for teachers in schools, colleges and HE.

A chance to
A chance to explore, discover and discuss for free.

We offer free afternoon development sessions for teachers in schools, further education colleges, and HE institutions. The sessions provide a space to explore, discover, and discuss how technology can co-evolve with pedagogy to enhance the student experience.

New for 2016, each session uses a Flipped Classroom pedagogy where participants are encouraged to engage prior to each session using an innovative online resource, then engage in discussions and practical exercises during the face to face session.  

“The workshop was excellent, facilitators knowledgeable, entertaining and friendly.” – EDD attendee

“It was inspirational regarding online learning / the ways that learning is going using collaborative online tools , virtual environments.” – EDD attendee

During each session, we ensure participants are engaged by using a mixture of discussions, group-work and practical exercises. We aim to inspire and enthuse participants while providing enough guidance to allow each to take what they have learnt and incorporate this into their own practice.

Each (free) afternoon includes the following topics:

Flexible approaches to learning: Participants engage in discussions and practical activities, that explore the use of tools and technologies to create flexible distance and remote learning opportunities.

Virtuality and how learners interact: An exploration of virtual learning tools and technologies. How is our understanding of the way learners react and relate changing?

Plus you’ll be able to experience immersive environments in virtual worlds and try out the Oculus Rift – as well as the Epson augmented reality glasses.

Please note all sessions are from 14.00 to 17.00 in 4D23 (access via the Library) at the Frenchay Campus, The University of the West of England, Bristol.

Our next planned sessions are as follows.

  • Thursday 16th June 2016
  • Wednesday 29th June 2016

Please email john.sumpter@uwe.ac.uk with your name and which session you would like to attend.

Prior to each face to face session.

During each EDD we discuss flexible approaches to learning. With this in mind, we have created an online resource to support & supplement the face to face session for you to review prior to your visit to UWE. There is no need to sign up or download an app (unless you wish to). The resource can be accessed on PC/MAC, mobile and tablet devices. We recommend you select the ‘full screen’ option once you have accessed the resource.

Please visit: https://goo.gl/z94jZ9

The EIC Team