Workshops 2016


Workshops are typically hands-on opportunities to experience new technologies, group discussions and networking in an educational setting. Here you can find a full list of our currently available workshops and the opportunity to book places.

Our planned workshops for this year are as follows:

Pedagogic research lunchtime workshops

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Professor Liz Falconer will be leading 4 workshops between January – April 2016 on aspects of pedagogic research for staff and students at UWE who are interested in evaluating and investigating teaching and learning practices. Tea, coffee and light snacks will be provided.

  • Workshop 1: Designing pedagogic research
  • Workshop 2: Using technology in pedagogic research
  • Workshop 3: The ethics of pedagogic research
  • Workshop 4: Dealing with pedagogic research data

More pedagogic research workshop details and booking form.


The EIC would like to welcome staff to a series of informal drop-in sessions that will take place at various UWE campuses during May & June.

The aim of each session is to give staff the chance to discuss any learning and teaching innovations they may have been considering, but as yet have not found the time or resources to action. Also, we would be happy to discuss any questions regarding the up and coming Digitial Learning Gym or if you would like to get involved in our research projects.

More details about the EIC lunchtime sessions.

EDD (Explore, Discover, Discuss)

We offer free afternoon development sessions for teachers in schools and further education colleges which provide a space to explore, discover, and discuss how technology can co-evolve with pedagogy to enhance the student experience. Each (free) afternoon includes the following topics:

  • Flexible approaches to learning
  • Virtuality and how learners interact

More details about the EDD sessions.

Digital Learning Gym

The EIC’s Digital Learning Gym aims to help you enhance your program and build for the future. It seeks to aid staff to embrace technology enhanced learning and become more digitally agile and responsive.

Day one

  • Flexible approaches to learning
  • Collaborative learning (technologies and spaces)

Day two

  • Virtuality and how learners interact
  • Supporting the transformation of practice from the traditional

More details about the Digital Learning Gym.