Research Observatory

The revamped Research Observatory at UWE (RO) is an online research teaching and learning resource developed by the E-learning Development Unit

The resource is intended to help research students to find appropriate learning materials to help them in their research studies. The resources can be used in different ways, depending on how the user would like to interact with them.

The resource is designed to enable study in a number of different contexts, and the user can choose any of them, depending upon how they like to study online. At present there are two contexts available, metaphoric and literal, but we will be working with students in the next year to design further contexts that suit their learning preferences and cognitive styles. The user can change the context they are in at any point.

The subject matter is exactly the same in all the contexts – it is the environment in which it is studied that is different. There is also the opportunity to participate in the project.

Involvement in the project

  1. developing/making available research methods materials
  2. testing the effectiveness of the system and/or
  3. offering feedback

More information…

  • If this is your first visit to the RO, here is help and guidance on how to use it
  • The explicit copyright statement
  • About the Research Observatory project and how to contact us
  • The RO forms the basis for our award of a Hewlett Packard Global HE Technology for Teaching Grant 2007. You can also visit our project website for up to date info, or take a look at our project blog.
  • Read about our latest developments, including our plans in Second Life (SL), and join in with your ideas on our blog. If you’re a SL “resident” you can visit the RO in SL from here