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TEL Community of Practice – Phase 1

Having worked at UWE for a few months, it was interesting to find that historically there has been limited sharing of knowledge across faculties, with practitioners often working in isolation. For Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) to grow across the institution, and further enhance teaching and learning, it was important remove these barriers and engaged a Community of Practice (CoP).

The aim of my project is to motivate a CoP, developing communication, support, and knowledge sharing across all faculties and departments. To do this successfully, It was important to understand clearly what is a CoP, and is how it functions. From my research and previous experience, I developed a mind map highlighting the main elements.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 13.41.45


Once clear on the remit of a CoP and most importantly its advantages, I invited all TEL practitioners across the institution to join the TEL CoP highlighting the benefits for them as individuals and for the institution.

I am pleased to say we have 21 members who are willing to engage in sharing and supporting the CoP.

More updates on this project as it develops.