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Intuitive Resources @ UWE

I have previously blogged about a project entitled Intuitive Resources. The project aims to create non-linear learning resources to aid students with various learning styles and to be used in conjunction with a flipped classroom approach.

At UWE, I have been working with Samantha Orgon a Senior Lecturer in Building Surveying. We have developed a simple yet effective resource aimed at pre-sessional students to learn the basics of layout and sketching. A good example of a resource that will allow Samantha to move quickly on to more complex tasks with the students, letting the resource cover basic tasks at a time and place to suit the student. The resources were created using a standard handheld stills camera and no editing took place after the filming. The aim was to ensure clear information was created for the students, without costing large amounts of time and money to create. We intend on improving and creating more resources in the future.

If you would like to know more or produce your own Intuitive Resources please contact me.