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Active Learning Spaces

IMG_0686Education has always evolved and changed to face the demands of the students and lecturers. This constant evolution often involves the use of technology. An interesting area of development is active learning spaces (ALS) or flexible learning spaces (FLS). Terminologies and acronyms vary, but they all aim to empower the student, enhance collaborative working, and help to move away from a didactic approach to teaching.

Robert Beichner has produced a pedagogical model for using spaces differently, and you can see an example of this in practice HERE.

In the EIC, we welcome the shift towards alternative and different delivery methods. We are pleased to see that UWE are installing some flexible spaces allowing lectures to experiment with alternative ways of teaching. If you would like to learn more about how these spaces can help you and your students contact us hear at the EIC or attend one of our many lunchtime or afternoon sessions to find out more.