Pomodoro :)

I’ve been using the Pomodoro writing technique for a while and found it useful (for certain tasks at least ) and was interested to see it formalised as part of the activities of the UWE Student Union DocSoc social and academic support network.

The technique is simple: 25 minutes of concentrated writing, followed by 5 minutes rest – and repeat. Every 4th ’round’ you reward yourself with a longer 15 minute rest.

Quite a solitary act you’d think. Is it possible or even desirable to make this a communal activity?

Well it all depends on how you work, but I’ve found similar events (like the Learning For All  Writing Cafes) are a great opportunity to ‘feel’ you belong to wider community – whether that’s researchers, academics, students or teaching and learning support.

(DocSoc is a social and academic support network that is run by postgrad researchers, for postgrad researchers).

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